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How To Implement A Mobile App Blacklist

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Just Like Criminals, Mobile Apps Have A Blacklist Too

Mobile applications are not always secure and safe. However, IT professionals can ensure that end users can be on the safer side with a blacklist. It’s very simple to create, manage and maintain the steps.

Through a mobile app blacklist, IT can protect people from running distracting, dangerous apps. When a business includes a mobile application on a blacklist in MDM (mobile device management) tool, they will be prohibited from accessing it on their mobile devices.

Meanwhile, whitelisting requires IT professionals to manage authorized apps instead of unauthorized ones.

How To Implement A Mobile App On The Blacklist

Several MDM platforms include quality blacklisting capabilities. If IT sets a specific app as restricted, then the platform can perform some scans to evaluate the blacklisted apps.

Organizations and businesses that hires app designers should define exactly what a blacklist is. They can choose to include apps that can introduce several vulnerabilities, distractions and security threats to a work environment. Those organizations that use a combination of blacklists and whitelists can manage blacklists more effectively.

Companies can also blacklist mobile apps because they function as distractions, like games and social media apps.

How To Approach A Mobile App Blacklist Review

IT can review the mobile app blacklist, though the organization would be the one to decide if it must happen. Some of them manually update and review blacklists to maintain a much higher of level of productivity and security. This can be impractical when the blacklist turns too extensive, and difficult to manage.

Several organization prefer a lower maintenance approach when it comes to reviewing blacklists. There are tools that can be used to update and manage app blacklists.