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How Zero-Code Platforms Ease the Pain of Mobile App Development?

How Zero-Code Platforms Ease the Pain of Mobile App Development?
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When you hear the words “Mobile App Development”, what usually comes to mind? If you’re thinking about creating applications through the use of “app builders”, well that is correct, per se, but that is actually not what I meant.

The true mobile app development involves a painstaking process of planning, designing, coding, testing, and the final release of the application for the public to download and use.

Now, although there are a lot of app builders that promise to make things much easier for the general public, actual app development still has its many limitations.

For one, senior and highly-skilled app developers are hard to find and in short supply. Second, it takes an incredible amount of time to learn the nuances of the programming languages and frameworks that are needed in mobile app development. Third, all apps in the wild are either not performing up to standards or have a lot of bugs that it needed to be pulled out from the app stores.

But, there is a movement for “zero-code” mobile app development that aims to ease the pain of app developers by a lot.

Today, I am going to talk about its benefits.

Greatly Reduces App Development Backlog

How Zero-Code Platforms Ease the Pain of Mobile App Development?

With the ever-increasing demand for mobile apps these days, app development agencies are forced to hasten the creation process.

This is further compounded by the fact that there is stiff competition out there so if you do not remain highly competitive, you will lose.

It is estimated that about 65 percent of IT professionals will experience some app development backlogs. Although the vast majority of these people are quick to finish the remaining ones; there are some that just cannot keep up with the pace.

Although that is the major problem that many IT professionals face today, with zero-code app development, most of the processes can be automated, giving more time for the developers to focus on the other areas of the app. The result? Faster app development which would greatly reduce or even eliminate app dev backlogs.

Greatly Improves App Development Companies’ Responsiveness to Business Needs

It is no surprise that there are some clients that are unhappy with what the app development agency has put forth. In other words, the client’s expectations weren’t meant, probably due to the reason that they were not able to communicate effectively early on in the process.

Now, it is the agency’s responsibility to ensure that the application they’re going to create is up to the standards set by the client. Without zero-code application platforms, it would be quite hard for the app development agency to keep up with the demand and also make sure that the client receives their product with a smile.

Zero-code solutions provide an avenue where developers can eliminate customer expectation “mismatch” and provide them with an application that truly sits will with the client’s business.

Developer-Free App Creation

As mentioned earlier, highly-skilled and talented developers are in short supply, but this doesn’t mean that others cannot create applications.

How Zero-Code Platforms Ease the Pain of Mobile App Development?

With the use of different zero-code solutions, IT professionals that are not necessarily well-versed in the creation of a mobile application, but do have the technical knowledge of how to do it, are going to be happy to know that they can indeed create apps without some prestigious expertise.