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Married Men Tips to Satisfy their Partner in Bed

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Are you unable to satisfy your wife because you cannot last longer in bed? This is good news for you! In this article, there are some steps that would really help you last for a very long time. And learn about alternative ways to satisfy your partner in bed by taking men’s sexual health supplements in Malaysia that would help you to express more in bed.

The Instant Cool Down

Well, there are actually some physiological hacks that you can do. The first is what I call the TBP method which represents the tongue, back and the action ‘push’. This is usually done as a method to help distract you from your sensation.

For instance, you can use your tongue and run it in circular motions on your teeth and do a couple of these until your mind is off your penis. Next would be the ‘snooze’ method and this is just holding your perineum firmly until the urge the ejaculate is gone.


Anxiety and negative thoughts may also lead to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. I urge you to change your mindset more towards the positive. Some tips I can give you would be to think of your partner as an equal, viewing sex as a mere activity that you do on a regular basis, and stop doubting your capabilities. Sexual performance anxiety is one way to kill your libido, so just ease up and continue on with the love-making without all of these negative thoughts.

Breathe the Right Way

Breathing deeply and in the right way can help ease up the tension you experience inside and may also have the added effect of changing your mood toward the positive as well. You breathe in for about 5-8 seconds, hold it in for 2, and then breathe out steadily for 8-10 seconds. Doing these a couple of times until you feel the easing of your tension.

Learn How to Read Women

Women communicate in a different way than men. Whereas men want people to be direct and straightforward; women tend to give out some physical cues to denote a certain thing. Learn how to read her body language so that you will know how to please her the right way.

Stamina Kegels

You probably heard of Kegel exercises before, right? They are exercises that are designed to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. But, you have to learn about stamina Kegels instead. Whereas regular Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic muscles; this type of exercise eases the tension.

Considering Different Positions

The Kama Sutra provides scriptures that depict different sex positions for all occasions. Experiment with the ones that will help you last longer as there are plenty of them out there. Plus, when you try something new, it adds a new level of excitement unlike no other.

Learn About Changing Your Mindset

A lot of men usually think about themselves during sexual intercourse and they do not take their partner’s satisfaction into account. Changing your mindset and thinking more about her needs will allow you to satisfy her without ever having to last more than 2 minutes during sex.