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Watch Care 101: How to Keep Your Watch in Good Condition

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Whether you own an expensive vintage Rolex or a classy yet affordable Casino watch, you probably want to enjoy wearing it for quite some it. Women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia are not cheap, so you must learn how to care for the ones that you have. Efficient watch maintenance and care are important to keep them in top condition.

So, how do you keep your timepiece safe and sound? Unless your watch is waterproof and water resistant, be very careful with water. Bumps, shocks and large temperature fluctuations can also damage your beloved piece. Even your leather watch strap is sensitive to both water and perfume.

Watch Storage

Not all people purchase watches for every day usage. Some are collectors, while others only wear them for special events. In this case, it’s crucial to focus on good watch storage. Keep your timepieces in a dark, dry and temperature-controlled environment. Believe it or not, humidity alone can cause rust, and can fade bright colors. If you keep your watch’s original box, use it. That is a great area of storage.

Clean regularly

In order to keep eh watch in excellent condition, clean the case gently using water and soft toothbrush. The leather strap, on the other hand, can be kept supple and soft by regular waxing.

Keep it running

How do you keep the watch movement moving? If you don’t wear it on a regular basis, wind it every single day. See to it that the oil wouldn’t run dry, and the gears wouldn’t stiffen. Though, you must also give your watch’s coil spring a chance to release and end its tension. A high-quality watch winder can help wind automatic watches regularly. It moves the timepiece in a way that stimulates man’s motion, activating its self-winding mechanism without over winding.

Don’t just set the date whenever you want

Don’t set the date on your mechanical timepiece between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. Doing so would interfere with the date-changing mechanism. As a result, it can damage the watch.


Your timepiece must be serviced by an expert professional every few years, even if it seems to be in great shape. This person will know what part of the watch requires fine-tuning or adjustments.