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Website 101: How to Establish Your Brand Through Effective Design

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Website 101: How to Establish Your Brand Through Effective Design

Display your logo properly.

Always put your web design company logo at the upper left part of your website. The logo’s size is also crucial, so make sure that it is large enough to get noticed instantly.

Don’t forget to present your business’ value proposition.

Business Value

What is a value proposition? It’s a short statement that people can easily read on your web pages. Tell them what you can offer them. Can you solve their problems? In what way can you address their pain points? Use the appropriate tone, and spread your brand message to your target market.

Tell your brand’s unique stories.

Utilizing crucial website elements is not enough. You need to be able to set your brand apart from the rest of the competition. How can you make it appear unique? Your potential customers should be able to remember you and your business’ offerings.

Pick the correct website color.


Colors are also regarded as crucial aspects of a website since they can evoke the emotions of users. If you want to establish interest or excitement when people see your brand, choose the right colors carefully. What color schemes can help you achieve that?

Inject your unique personality in your website.

People love brands and businesses which show human-like attributes. It helps them to further identify with it. Moreover, it’s easier to recall something that has human-like familiarity.

Make sure to impact your audience’s feelings.

Audiences Feelings

What kind of emotions do you want your audience to feel? You can’t stir their emotions through layout alone. In order to make your brand very popular, you need to associate it with extreme vibes and emotions.

Keep your website design consistent.

Brands become successful because people care. How can you make your brand and business memorable? See to it that all details are consistent. In each page, utilize the same graphics, personality, emotions and formatting.